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Diploma courses are the good educational package for the aspirant. There are various diploma courses after 12th standard. But why to choose a diploma course while you can go for a degree course? Yes this is the question in your brain, may have arisen often. There are several reasons for doing so.

Diploma course always roles as the job oriented programme. Suppose that, you have completed your plus two education and now you wish to get the job but still you are not so qualified in term of the higher education. If you will go to the higher qualification, it will take three or four years of your running time.

What you will do! You need to do the diploma course because diploma course is a short term educational programme. You may complete the course in 1 or 2 years and you will be awarded with the certificate of your course. This certificate will prove that you have done the training and gained the knowledge about the work field in which you diploma course had been led.

The fee structure of the diploma courses usually lower than the degree courses. On the other hand, diploma courses are not much expensive in term of the fee structure. If, your economic condition is not much good for the degree courses, you may pursue the diploma course. It just cost the half of the degree programme in same prospect.

Diploma programmes are the job oriented programmes. These courses are usually modeled and scheduled as per the job consciousness for the aspirants. Most of the companies prefer the candidates who have done the diploma after 12th.

Some of the diploma courses are very much popular among the candidates. The few diploma courses after 12th are as the following:

  • Diploma in pharmacy
  • Civil, electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Diploma in CAD/CAM
  • Quality assurance Inspector
  • Fashion designing
  • Food technology
  • Leather technology
  • Medical lab technology
  • Textile design, process and technology

You can also read about these courses in detail: www.coursesafter12th.in

For the degree courses you may have to wander from the university to university and finally you will find the one of your choice, but remember you will have to move a far from your home for the degree course, while the diploma course can be done by the university, college and institution at everywhere. It is easy to find the diploma courses in your city and of your choice.

To get the admission in diploma programme is much easier than the admission in the degree programme. Fewer of the institutions follow the JET (Junior Entrance Examination) prospects for the admission, while the others allow the direct admission into the diploma course. The JET examination is also easier than the degree level entrance examinations.

After the completion of your diploma programme, you may work with any companies and get the job as per the nature of your diploma education. Now you have completed your plus two education and a diploma in your field of interest. Any company can hire you as per your expertise in your field.

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