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Today the majority of the people have got their career started waiting tables. To work in the restaurant environment is lucrative and fast paced and if you are approaching it as your future career you will be able to develop the right skills.

 Many of us think that becoming a waiter/waitress is perhaps the easiest task. Well, it is pure hard work while putting a smile on your face. People come to eat to the restaurant for more than eating food.

The wait staff is the most visible part of that experience. Are you able to chat up with the most uncommunicative people at the occasion? Are you a reliable, presentable, like to interact with people, and most importantly multi-tasker? Then you have got more than necessary traits to wait the table.

The Growing Importance Of Becoming A Waiter Or Waitress

 To become a waiter or waitress can be a great long term opportunity. Along with the necessary education it is important to cultivate a personality. Waiters do not have to be bore.  It is important to make a good impression and come across as charming and friendly. People get easily irritated when they are unattended.

With the growing importance of the hospitality training providers offering wide variety of the training programs there are huge opportunities witness in this industry.  For the waiter positions, an entry level high school diploma is necessary. Training as the waiter is given on the job by an experienced staff member. To provide good customer service, presenting neat presentation, and remembering their patrons orders are important.

What Do They Do

Servers or we majorly known as waiters have the responsibility to take care of their patrons. Some of the duties and responsibilities vary, but customer service tends to be at the heart of the job. Their job role includes:

  • Customer interactions
  • Placing and processing the orders
  • Table sweeping
  • Delivering the orders
  • Side work
  • Processing the payments

Roles and responsibilities

The waiter or waitress primary job responsibilities include taking care of the customers. They are responsible ensuing that their customers are completely satisfied with their visit. Their responsibilities include:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Table management
  • Set-up
  • How to suggest menu items
  • Food delivery
  • Processing the payments

How To Get The Job

In the majority of the cases, the waiters and waitresses are absorbed by the restaurant as soon as they finish their training period. Depending on the job role, experience and skills the pay scale varies. Also the location plays a vital role as a posh restaurant waiter stands more chance for the better pay than a restaurant in the down scale area.

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