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When given the right assistance, many students are seen to have fairly good knowledge in English. Unfortunately, young learners are often seen to develop abhorrence towards the subject. Students are frequently seen to brand the topics included in their syllabus to be utterly boring.

No wonder, they find the homework assigned to them nothing but a drag. So, how to help your child to come out of this boredom? How can you make your child do his English homework with full enthusiasm? Here are some practical tips for you to follow in this regard.

Understanding Shakespearean plays better

Students are often asked to work on different projects relating to Shakespearean plays. To help them complete such projects in a more cheerful manner, you might consider acting out from the scenes- at least consider reading out loudly to them. This will help them to comprehend the context of the expressions and words.

You might also want to prepare easy-to understand footnotes, and prepare a summary of the different acts for the young learner. This will surely help him to comprehend Shakespeare better. You’ll see a marked improvement in your child’s homework progress.

Tips to develop English vocabulary and improve grammar

Allow your child to enjoy his favorite comics/ graphic novels. This might help your child to learn new English words and by this they may get some English homework help. You can also help him nurture his interest in the language by allowing him to play fun yet educational games.

Try playing different games as well as games and riddles. Many games, designed to improve vocabulary and concepts in grammar are available online. You can also consider preparing colorful charts, which would feature common grammatical errors. Also, encourage your child to communicate more with people in groups, phone as well as in public. This works wonder to hone your child’s skill in English.

You might have come across some of the above tips some time or other, but have you ever seriously given them a try? If not, then its time you consider them, and see a difference.

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