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You can teach your child the essence of English language through various fun-filled activities. There are specific websites available on the internet, which help your child to master the basics of English language through various games. These sites offer you complete guidance to teach your child the grammar and basics of the language both in case English as a first or second language through suitable means. They include games, PDFs, puzzles and other topics that improve your child’s vocabulary. This gaming cum learning platform is also a convenient teaching aid for modern day English teachers.

Play and learn

The websites offer a numbers of games which include grammar games, classroom games, TV games, card games, snake and ladder, etc. If English is a second language preference for the learners then, the websites offer various types of activities to help them learn about sentence formation. Your child can learn about asking sentences, how to use verbs in a sentence through racing games and other ESL activities for children. The children can also learn about the use of tenses, names of various parts of the human body.  You child can play catapult games to learn about domestic animals.

The language basics

Thus, these websites prove the fact that learning can be fun especially when it is English. The websites teach your child the language basics and also test the knowledge of your child regarding the subject. The children can take a lot of ESL activities for children like puzzles and worksheets which evaluates their knowledge. Kids get knowledge regarding tense, vocabulary, parts of speech, fruits, vegetables, etc. through ESL activities for children. These websites are usually in touch with the social networking sites as well that helps the teachers and parent to access these sites easily.

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