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Today, MBA is becoming a solid qualification for top job positions. Job market of the day is very competitive, so considering yourself for progressing to MBA is a great idea. But, you may be tied up with a full time job or have a family to support, so don’t have time for entrance coaching or thesis.

Fortunately, you can study and earn MBA degree without attending entrance exam! Yes, there are many MBA courses online offered for 1 year for people with less time. These courses save you from the burden of entrance examinations and thus, lowering down your stress levels.

Lean MBA course is an innovative 1-year business administration crash course for busy people. You can register for this course online to get the best advantage. This 1-year business administration programs covers 12 functional areas of business, such as general management, strategy, finance, marketing, human resources, etc within 50 weeks.

If you are ready to dedicate around 15-30 a day, you will learn more than 300 bite-sized courses and can excellently increase your business knowledge. 1-year Lean MBA program will help you;

  • Apply for management positions
  • Improve your efficacy
  • Easily communicate with colleagues and superiors
  • Earn top positions in the corporate world
  • Take smart business decisions
  • Introduce a more successful business
  • Exhibit your ability to improve yourself, and present a positive mindset.

MBA makes your business knowledge stronger. The better you will perform, the faster you will progress in your career. The 1-year Lean MBA course at myleanmba.com is very affordable as you can learn MBA at a cost 299€.

These MBA courses generally work in a manner that you will receive a mail from the institution about the new set of lessons that will be starting in the week. You have 7 days to complete a set of 6-8 courses, each last at least 15 minutes, and then pass the final weekly multiple-choice test.

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