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Are your children scoring poorly on essay writing? Do you want a remedy to help them improve their writing skill and score more? Then you must try automated essay scoring software programs online! Actually, this is a developing area of assessment technology being utilized by teachers and students all over the world.

There are many online sources offering a service that predicts the score your children will achieve on essays in state tests. WriteTecNYC is one of such popular online source where you can get to know how much your children will earn and how to improve their essay writing skills.

These programs use unique machine learning method to assess the writing style and essay elements to ensure a top grade. They consider both the methods and contents of the writing. They are designed for the new Common Core standards that are being rolled out.

Moreover, these programs are being practiced and tested in a wide-range manner in USA classrooms and they are considered for further research to know how they can be handled to informing decisions. These programs were initially developed for comprehensive writing assessments in wide-scale, high-stakes situations such as graduate admission tests.

A few recent developments have flourished the potential use of automated essay scoring programs towards formative assessment at the classroom range, where pupils can earn immediate, particular feedback on their essays and can still be checked and helped by their teacher.

WriteTecNYC has easy techniques to predict essay scores by using intrinsic qualities and correlations. You first need to sign up for a username and give your 2-digit state code so that the site could provide you results on your specific state test. The website follows a simple 1 2 3 steps to get accurate score on your writing.

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