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On many occasions throughout their academic career, people have to write essays on a myriad of topics. One may have to write essays for getting admission in college, for entering an essay contest or when working on an essay assigned in class. A number of people face difficulty in writing essays, especially when the topic is diverse. No matter what type of essay people have to write, below are some steps that highlight the writing and revision that needs to be done for a good and quality essay.

Essay Writing

  • Defining the context of the essay. This is basically the scope of the essay and people need to figure out what they have to write about. There are several things part of the context such as:
  • Topic: In some cases, individuals are assigned topics that they have to write upon and in others they have to select their own. If you have to select by yourself, choose a topic you are interested in and can discuss passionately.
  • Format: Presentation is of the utmost importance whether it’s the way pages are put together or the length of the essay. The mentioned guidelines should be followed for the essay to look professional.
  • Audience: The writing content should also be tailored as per the audience. Hence, when essay writing; people have to figure out who they are trying to communicate with.
  • Get evidence for your argument by doing research. People can visit the library or use the internet for unearthing valid points. However, it is very important for people to use reliable and primary sources of information as they are highly accurate. It is essential to take detailed notes and sources should be cited in the correct format as well. Claims and facts that disprove the original ideal of the essay should never be ignored.
  • Well-written essays should also be studied and analyzed. Some may be against your argument while others may be in favor. People should go over the claims that are made in the essays, have a look at the evidence and determine if it sounds logical or not.
  • Brainstorming for your own unique ideas. It is a good way to use the statements of others for backing up your arguments. Nonetheless, people need to make the essay their own by coming up with their own spin. This requires plenty of thinking and a list of ideas can be formulated.
  • People need to plan their essay now. An outline should be assembled with the thoughts that have been brainstormed. A topic sentence can be chosen after going through the main ideas and the evidence and other supporting material should be listed below.
  • It’s time for the body of the essay to be formulated. Here, length has to be considered because the object is not to fill pages and pages with worthless information. Nonetheless, people need to free-write their thoughts and later make them concise. Sweeping generalizations should be avoided.  With these steps, essay writing can become a whole lot easier for people.

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