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The first step to overcome procrastination is to acknowledge that it exists. You cannot accomplish victory till you first detect the problem. It is almost like experiencing a medical issue. You cannot receive the required treatment till you first acknowledge, accept and diagnose the trouble and then you can move to the treatment stage!


4 steps to fight procrastination:

Stage 1

  • Mind shifting- as you know that human beings are wired to shift from a painful situation, link procrastination with the effects of not getting significant tasks done. Draft a mental image of the negative results which will happen if the task isn’t done on time. You need to learn to manage time effectively. This will give you boost to take instant action and avoid the consequence pain.

Stage 2

  • Prioritize- often people procrastinate because they think they have a lot to do in a very short span of time. One way to improve productivity is by prioritizing. Make a to-do list and then see what tasks are of utmost importance and what the least important ones are. Then rank them accordingly and start working on it.

Stage 3

  • Accountability- Appoint someone responsible to make accountable for few things. It is a remarkable way to fight procrastination. We endeavor our best when we know that someone is keeping an eye on us and will hold us responsible.

Stage 4

  • Plan from beforehand- try to complete your prioritization list before time. It will give your confidence a boost. You may also find yourself sleeping calmly at night. As you cannot predict the future and the events of tomorrow, make sure you’re prepared for things that come up.

You’re on the path to victory!!!

By practicing all this, you’re on your way to a better, fuller and happier life of accomplishments. Do not hesitate!! You totally deserve it!

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