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The TENhomes.net provides great relocating service and is currently listed on Indiegogo, as a way of sourcing for funds to enhance its services. The website is looking to provide better relocation services to the people in the education sector. This includes the public and private teachers, the board members and many others. The website’s main aim is to provide a stress free transition from where you are currently staying to a new place. Relocating is not always that easy for many people, you will be thinking about getting a new house and selling your current one. All that is taken care of by the company.

Teacher educator network

Currently, TENhomes.net is partnering with many local and state companies that deal in the real estate sector. You will soon be able to connect directly with many agents from the website portal. The agents should help you sell your home and look for a suitable house in your new destination.

If you opt to sell your house, the following services will be provided too

– Packing and moving

– Cleaning up the new homes

– Providing warranties for your new home

– Providing residential services such as electrical, plumbing and many others to welcome you in your new home

– The website has a private login section to learn more about the house before moving in

Buying a home is critical since you have to stay in a house that you love. The website provides a listing of the best houses in the location and the current rates. You will not have to pay the $300 for the house inspection. The company takes care of that to minimize your moving expenses as much as possible.

The website is a source of information for those who need to move to a great destination and it is not only for the teachers. You can still use the same services if you are in the other sectors. So far, the company has recruited top talent that helps them to identify the best properties based on the client needs.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/sSezhi

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