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With so many Chanel bags around for sale, you need to differentiate between the original and first copy and then the second copy to determine whether a Chanel bag is genuine or not. Though you don’t have any way to authenticate it, there are some signs that you should look for. To make the right decision and to select the best 2022 replica Chanel belt bag, here is a list of steps to follow:

Check the leather

The leather of the Chanel bag replica will be of lambskin or calfskin. The texture and feel should be soft and look smooth. The bag has superior leather, and you can actually know the difference when you see and touch it. It will be ultra-soft to touch.

The calfskin Chanel bag will have a bubbly appearance and higher texture. It is more durable than the lambskin. When you touch genuine caviar leather, you will notice dimples.

Assess the quilting

The quilting pattern in Chanel will help you make a good judgment. Check the back of the bag for a better decision. The stitching should be consistent in a sharp diamond pattern. 

Count the stitching

It is a good indicator because an original Chanel uses more stitches to maintain the shape and authenticity of the bag. An authentic Chanel bag will have 11 stitches for every panel. Check if the replica has it.

The lining of the bag also differs between the original and the replica. The original lining is flat against the material with no lumps. However, poor-quality replicas don’t pay attention to this.

Check the CC lock

The authentic CC lock of the bag is a 2.55 lock without any stamping or logo. 

Check the lock back

Stamping marks differ depending on when the bag was made and its style. Some CC logs may have been stamped; others may not. If the lock has a stamp, it is from France, and if it doesn’t have a stamp, it was manufactured in Italy. The major point is the stamping mark on the back. 

Check the turnstile lock back to see the back plate. Chanel uses screws alongside with equal spacing. Replicas may differ. 

Consider the shape of the bag

A high-quality 2022 replica Chanel belt bag is constructed similarly to a genuine Chanel bag. They have square corners like the original bag and are made of high-quality material.

These are some points that differentiate an original Chanel bag from a replica. If the replica resembles these points, it is the best option to buy.

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