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Acquiring exceptional talent requires a holistic approach to how your company is structured internally, and how it’s positioned externally. In order to be attractive to potential talent, companies need to have a structure that fosters personal and career growth. Companies also need to be presented to talent in a way that positions them as an attractive career destination. Let’s discuss some specific strategies that will help you acquire talent.

Talent Acquisition

The first strategy is to use an established recruiting company to help you acquire exceptional talent. Firstly, professional recruitment have access to a wide network of people that are actively seeking a new job. Instead of speaking to people that may not be interested in making a change, anyone that you connect with through a recruiting company is likely eager to hear about the opportunities you’re offering.

Secondly, professional recruitment companies know how to position your company in a positive way to job seekers. For example, someone that’s searching for a specific position may glance over your website and be completely unaware that you’re in need of more people for that exact department. A professional recruitment company will be able to tell job seekers about openings at your company, and also speak to the most attractive features of your company.

The second strategy is to have an internal structure that’s attractive to job seekers. For example, does your company have a mission statement? A clear promotion program? Exceptional benefits? By setting up these elements internally, talent will be more attracted to your company.

Everyone wants to work towards a goal, so a mission statement is key. People want to know that there’s opportunity for growth in their careers – a clear promotion program helps to inspire that. A great benefits program could be the deciding factor when people are presented with competing offers from your company and other businesses. Ultimately, to attract great people, your company needs to be great as well.

The third strategy is to clearly communicate the advantages of your company with your professional recruitment company, so that they can share them with potential recruits. When you meet with your professional recruitment company, be prepared to share information such as what sets your company apart from others, what your employees value most about your company, what is your company “known for”, the best attributes about your company, and so on. Your professional recruitment company will be able to relay this information to potential recruits, which will ultimately help you acquire top talent.

At IMS Group, we provide innovative solutions for your talent acquisition needs. Our recruitment specialists are able to find the talent that best suits your company’s needs, and are able to position your company in an attractive way to potential recruits. Our experience allows us to provide a holistic approach to recruiting, to ensure that recruits are matched to the best companies possible. Contact IMS Group at (416) 515-2939 to book an appointment with one of our recruitment specialists, so that you can gain access to the top talent you’ve been looking for.

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