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If your roofing system is showing sign of damage you can adopt the latest technology that is thermal inspection. With this technology you can find the reason of moisture in your roof. Through this technology you can scan whole roof structure and detect wet insulation. When you want to replace roofing system the cost of insulation raise high. When you use latest technology of thermal inspection you can find energy saving factors.

Basics of roof infrastructure

When roofing contractors construct roofing structure they use UV resistant materials. They also apply advance waterproofing and weather proofing elements. Inspite of all the technical innovation and advancement some part of roof caught extra heat. Thermal roof inspection find out those areas which do not radiate back the absorbed energy at night. Some part of roof held extra heat and this is the point where roof caught cracks. When these cracks are not visible rain water allows seepage through those cracks. With the passage of time when you see wall pieces falling off you get to know the roof is damaged. It’s too late to understand the problem because damage has already done. If you could be smart and use thermal inspection technology you can prevent the damage before it occurs.

 Thermal inspection is effective when humidity is low

Usually Sun rays are extreme hot absorbed by your roof membrane. The roof which are constructed with cool roofing materials radiate much heat back at night. Roof with low slope also radiate back much heat. Thermal inspection proves to be fruitful when atmospheric humidity is low. Single ply roof such as TPO, PVC, EPDM are cooler than other membrane. Thermal cameras can easily trap the areas in single ply roof which absorbs much moisture. Through this inspection contractors works on those sensitive areas only. Thus you save in repairing whole roofing structure.

Industrial roofing

For the construction of commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools and shopping mall you need professional contractors. Industrial buildings such as factory, warehouse and go downs must be constructed with quality materials. Industrial roofing must be done though energy efficient and waterproof materials. Slate roof material you can say are best for industrial purpose as it keeps inside temperature cool. Slate root is highly fire resistant and stands out under every weather condition. As industrial buildings faces much heat and smoke slate could be best material.

Kinds of industrial roofing

If you want some sophisticated rustic look you can go with clay roofing. Over all if you see metal roofing is rough and tough. Metal is UV resistant and fire resistant. If you are considering some eco friendly roofing option than green roofing stands best. So far residential buildings or commercial buildings green roofing is most popular. Green roofing is not also water proof but also UV resistant along with ozone resistant. Green roof absorb extra water after rainfall. Thus it reduces inside temperature 6 to 8 degree down. You can choose base material such as asphalt, rubber or tar. You can overlay green roofing over base of any roofing. This can create most natural look and keeps people mentally and physically healthy.

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