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Professional ESL Editing is all about reviewing a document for spellings, grammar, and choice of words, along with consistency, structure of the sentence, format and style, as well. English, being a secondary language for millions of people creates a need to contact a professional proof reader. The editing service providers offer you with a staff of 3 expert ESL editors and 2 well-trained proof readers. Hence, if you feel the need of editing services, then ESL editing is a one stop solution that can exceed your opportunities and raise your expectations!

ESL Editing ServicesWhat is the Difference Between – ESL Editing & ESL Proof Reading?

ESL Editing offers highly competitive rates for editing and proof reading services with no compromise with quality and hard work. Yet, there are a few points which make these two services different from each other. These are as follow –

  1. ESL Editing generally involves context, wording, terminology, meaning and phrasing on the content. ESL Proof Reading generally involves spellings, syntax and grammar.
  2. Editing including re-reading of content to make certain that the included information perfectly addresses the main topic in the required quantity. The Online ESL Editing even includes interpretation of a non-native orator of the English language meant; according to their native languages. Whereas, Proof reading involves the use of a dictionary to focus on each word, individually.
  3. ESL Editing & ESL Proof Reading are absolutely two different services. Usually, proof reading services are by mistake marketed as the editing service which makes it difficult for the customers to understand and distinguish between the two. But, a proof reader is mostly into grammar and spelling whereas an editor is involved into wording and terminology.

So, if you are not sure about the quality of your content, then professional help is really important. Always look for the best and choose an expert editing service provider like ESL Editing that can offer you with reliable services at highly competitive rates.

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