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In the pharmaceutical industries, pharmacy technicians play an essential role. Pharmacy technicians assist duly licensed pharmacists in handing out of medications.  With this very important responsibility, we are accountable and responsible for making sure that we are only giving the correct medicine to every patient, according to the prescriptions prescribed.

Pharmacy technicians are answerable to the supervising pharmacist who must be legally certified and are highly responsible for all patients’ care and safety as served by the respective pharmacy.

To ensure that appropriate patient’s care and safety is followed in the distribution of medicines, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or PTCB aims to develop, maintain, promote, and manage nationally accredited programs for the certification and recertification of pharmacy technicians. This is to further enable the most effective way of supporting pharmacists to enhance patient safety.

In an expound job description of the pharmacy technicians, being one entails us to help the licensed pharmacists in preparing the prescribed medications, as noted and given by the attending physician of the patient. Aside from this given fact, we are also highly expected to provide the best customer service in handing out the medicines to the patients. Moreover, we will also be performing administrative duties that involve various practice settings, such as federal pharmacy, community, and health system.

Generally, pharmacy technicians are mainly responsible for receiving prescription requests as duly prescribed by licensed physicians. The responsibilities also include counting tablets and labeling bottles as well as maintaining patient profiles, and preparing insurance claim forms, if there is any. On top of that, pharmacy technicians are also required to perform administrative functions that entail answering phone calls, operating cash registers, and stocking shelves.

With the multitude of delicate and demanding tasks, pharmacy technicians require getting a certification. The latter is the process by which a non-governmental agency or association recognizes us to have met the corresponding predetermined accreditations and qualifications as specified by the above-mentioned agency or association.

By getting a certification from the PTCB, we are provided better career opportunities, and absolutely higher salary ranges. Most often, a pharmacy technician usual wage solely depends on the experience and qualifications. In addition, the wages are also influenced by the employer’s condition and guidelines and the geographical location and work environment. However, getting a PTCB certification provides us more affluent opportunities, career advancements, and a good deal of wage options.

With all the given facts mentioned above, we need to enroll ourselves first to pharmacy technician programs to equip and prepare us for the certification process.

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