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The education is the most important part of every kid’s life. It brings the child to the light of awareness so that this can lead them to the brighter path. There are various types of the education which starts from a good health. The education or we can say awareness for staying healthy and fit. The physical activities are the first thing that can make a child healthy and fit. So, it is far more important than any other thing. Well, the physical education provides good health and strong body for a better growth of a child. This makes the kid stronger and thus becomes ahead in all the activities of life.

The healthy body possess more protecting cells which protects body from the attack of all the harmful diseases. There are so many things which can be a perfect source of physical activates such as outdoor plays. The outdoor games like cricket, basketball, football etc. are best for physical exercises.

Moreover, almost all the kids prefer these kinds of playing exercises so it is the duty of the parents to thing to give them tasks and introduce enjoyable physical exercises for them so that they can continue and enlarge their physical activities with their preferences. There are so many types of exercises but there is nothing as effective as games for the children.

All the kids learn and can become highly active due to the games so this is the best source of giving them physical training and exercises in their preferable method. Well, the kid’s physical activities or plays differ according to the age group and thus the time limit should also be different and should be changed with the specific time. For example, 0 to 4 years old kids should necessarily take the 150 to 180 minutes of general and simple physical activity and 5 to 11 years old children should take 60 minutes physical activity.

The 12 to 17 year should also prefer the same. The 18 to 64 years old people should necessarily prefer 150 minutes exercises a day and then 65 years old or older people should choose the simple 150 minutes practices and exercises per week with the doctor’s advice. The physical activity helps the kid to stay happy and healthy and best playground equipment will help you to do so. Additionally, the kid would be able to stand strong in all phases of his or her life.

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