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There is a lot of risks involved in every cryptocurrency transaction. And, it is not because of volatility. It is because of the scams going around.

If you are thinking of trading in crypto then you should be aware of these scams.

When finding a cryptocurrency company, experts suggest choosing the ones which are block-chain powered so that you can track the transaction data.

Secondly, look for the ones with a solid background and business plans. Companies should be clear about their digital currency, ICO and liquidity regulations.

Despite being careful, if you have been scammed by someone, then you should get in touch with experts at Money Back. The professionals will do everything to recover your lost money.

Here are some common crypto trading scams and ways to avoid them:

Imposter websites: You may be working with someone with experience, but still fall into the trap of visiting a fake website. There are stupendous numbers of sites that replicate the original.

However, if the URL bar doesn’t suggest a security lock or it doesn’t have https in the address link, then don’t go for it. Make sure you type the write URL and always make sure to check double to avoid being a victim.

Bogus mobile apps: Another way in which cryptocurrency scams work is through fake apps. They are accessible for download on Android and Apple devices.

Millions of people like to trade while they are on the go and hence download apps and fall in the trap of scams.

Android users are at a bigger risk. If there are misspellings in the name of the app or the color of the app doesn’t match with the logo or website, then something is wrong. Reconsider downloading.

Bad social media updates: Do not get under the influence of celebs or influencers. Even if they tweet about something or put an update about a crypto coin, then don’t rush to buy them.

Do not trust on offers coming from Facebook and Twitter. Fake accounts are all over.

If someone asks for a small deposit of cryptocurrency, it is likely, you will not get it back. Just because others are following, doesn’t mean you also have to.

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