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Breaking into a brand new and rewarding career in ecommerce may not be the first thing everyone’s mind these days. But it is a very popular concept for entrepreneurs, and for those who are seeking a supplemental income. Since ecommerce stores can be run while you are at your day job – at least during the early days of operation – they present a viable and feasible career option… one that you can build up over time until you ultimately man the ship full-time; which is the typical goal of a shopkeeper. Knowing how to get started before you cut the ribbon will serve you well, especially in an ecommerce world that’s rift with competition, an industry that generates over $1.5 trillion worldwide as of the most recent studies. Utilize these five tips to help fuel your career transition into the exciting e-retailer world.

One: Analyze Your Options

The first place that you are going to want to start with is by reviewing what options that you have for your new career pursuit in ecommerce. Bear in mind that you will want to really take some time to discern what options that you have. It is relevant to state that there are rarely overnight success stories. Rather, take it slow and steady, and plan to hold your current job or to maintain your current career as you get your new ecommerce career underway.

Two: Find Your Niche

Finding your niche in ecommerce can be tricky at first. The surest train of thought here is to go with your heart. Do something that you are passionate about. Of course, be sure that there is a market for it and that the competition is not too overwhelming. Take the time to conduct some research. Search for products that you are passionate about, or products that you could create and sell that you find to be of interest.

Three: Evaluate Your Competition

Once you have found your niche, spend some time checking out what your competition is doing. Where are they advertising? What deals are they offering? How can you make your products and your store superior? Could you offer lower prices, cheaper shipping, or a better returns policy? What about packaging, return buyer deals, special offers and so forth? Take all of these facets into consideration to streamline your ecommerce store.

Four: Growth Hack Your Marketing

Once you have your store operational, you will need to take the next step forwards. This involves preparing your store to succeed in the online world. From top-to-bottom, online marketing will take time and patience. It involves numerous facets that you will want to consider, ranging from SEO to PPC ads, to blogging, to the product descriptions, pictures and content you use, and even how you design your site. You can find some helpful tips on this blog, which is about marketing an Etsy store, which can easily be applied to any online store or marketplace.

Five: Prepare for Order Fulfillment

As you continue to grow and market your store, the sales will ultimately come streaming through. Once they do, you had better have a solid plan in place for fulfilling orders. Thankfully, there are a variety of different multi-carrier shipping software solutions that you can look into that can ease these efforts. Make sure that the solution you consider is compatible with the online shopping cart and shipping carriers that you are using. Conduct research into each software before making a purchase, so you can read reviews from other users and industry efforts to make the best choice.

Cheers to your new career in ecommerce!

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