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Everybody would like to make their first impression an impressive one, so that the effect can be long lasting. Getting such an opportunity while presenting yourself at a conference or a meeting should never be wasted both in terms of time and money, as you may not get such an opportunity the next time around.

Here are some tips that could help you showcase your talent at any conference or a networking event that could have large numbers of followers.

Do Research – Ensure that you reach the venue well before time, taking into consideration the road traffic, parking spaces and other factors that could well be detrimental to your efforts in reaching in time. You could connect with the organizers to ensure that there are no hiccups en route to the conference main venue.

Impress with your Dress – Your dress code should be matching with the type of event, the nature of the industry and the culture of the organization.

Use Social Media – Check out on the social media about the conference and what the past attendees have to say about the event.Learn more about the experiences of those who have attended before and what could be in store for you if you attend it.

Make full use of the platform – Make the best use of this social networking platform, where you get the opportunity to interact with others and find potential business collaborators. Make available your business cards and try to share your contact information in the quickest of time.

Determine your goal – Determine your goal before you reach the venue. This may be on obtaining clients’ leads, finding job opportunities or meet new potential clients.

Elevator Pitch – Introduce yourself in a polite manner, with a firm handshake, wear a smile and have an eye to eye contact to create an impressive intro for the first time about yourself.

Very soon you will find yourself reconnecting with those you had met at the conference.

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