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There are a whole host of reasons to study for your entry tests with -, but they all come down to one thing: getting into an English speaking university by proving that you have the ability to study at that level in a language which is not your first.

They can be tailored to your needs and your course once you reach further education, and there’s something to suit all sorts of learning styles. If you want an intense course or something which you can study in your own time, both are possible, and the results will be the same regardless of how you get there.

IELTS Courses help you to:

  • Prove your skills
  • Gain recognition
  • Improve career and education prospects

Whatever your career aims, being able to prove that you’re great at a language will put you a few steps ahead of the competition. In the current climate (and forecasts suggest it won’t be getting better anytime soon either), it can be incredibly difficult to find employment so anything which is on your CV and will make you stand out is well worth doing. While the IELTS courses and subsequent tests are academic, they test your language skills thoroughly, so being able to say you have passed them is likely to stand you in excellent stead with any employer.

It goes without saying that the IELTS courses main purpose is to prepare you for your university experience. You will be taught all you need to know in order to study at a university in the United Kingdom, and this degree will further bolster your career prospects.

Before you get start, speak to the university which you’re looking to study at. What do they need from you? Different institutions will ask for different marks from the examinations, and a higher score might be simply a formality to make your offer unconditional, or it might be how they differentiate between different candidates.

The scoring system is recognised all over the world by a variety of institutions. You receive a score of between 0-9 in all the different areas of English study. 6-7 is usually the accepted level for most English universities, but obviously the higher your result the better.

Study at your own pace, and end up with the exact qualifications you need to start your journey onto further education and a high flying career in whatever area you want.

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