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It’s only July and your kids would rather not think about their education just now, but a frugal parent is frugal the year-round. There many reasons to both worry and rejoice. One of the challenges of preparing your kids for school is avoiding overspending on school supplies. The economic climate is still unforgiving, and splurging on back-to-school (not) basics as seen on TV is not an option.

On a brighter note, the back-to-school period provides many opportunities to save some cash. Coupons, discounts, promotions, you name it.  Outlets and retailers know that shopping spree is just around the corner, so they try to show the customers they need to look no further than their own storefront.

back to school shopping

The secret code

Back-to-school shopping requires a solid plan as a foundation. A good place to start is the list of necessary supplies that many schools make available to kids and their parents. Once you get hold of it, you should come up with ways to save money. The late summer is the best time to look for a bargain.

The chances are, your kid brought home some supplies at the end of the last year. See what you already have and whether it can be used again. Set a budget and make the effort to stick to it. Kids are not the only ones who should do their homework- it’s your turn now.

Last-minute shopping can be stressful but know that finding frugal deals doesn’t take much time.  Some weekly ads end up at your doorstep, and others you can find online as coupons. Pay attention because some of them have a quantity limit, while others may require a mail-in rebate. You can subscribe to email lists of preferred retailers as well.

Also, you can rely on coupon codes or special discounts that internet retailers provide. Note that the codes are often not in plain sight, so not everyone can take advantage of them.  Check coupon codes designated for specific popular websites. Amazon is still the most popular online shopping platform, even though the Chinese Alibaba is gaining upon it at a shocking rate. Still, keep your eyes on Amazon’s promotional codes. Another great place to stay on the lookout for digital coupons is any parenting blogs that you might be following. One thing is for sure- there is no shortage of digital coupon promotion during the back-to-school shopping season.

Two for one, all in one

Some things you can still do the old-fashioned way, in case you missed some good online bargains. Visit local stores and check if they offer back-to-school sales. Before the school year begins, you should be able to find many special promotions such as “two for one” deals. Go through the ads and circulars, and see what products have shipping and tax included, which is always a good deal.

Doing the shopping during tax-free days also helps to save some green, and that’s a good time to buy some back-to-school clothes. Make sure you pay a visit to thrift shops since you can pick some cheap and high-quality merchandise. There are also some nice online stores you can check out. And don’t worry, second-hand doesn’t mean damaged or anything like that. Ever since that Macklemore song, it means swag. Sort of.

On the sunny side of the street

The shopping frenzy might be a kid’s favorite part of going back to school, but try not to spend a fortune. Choose the time you go shopping carefully, and hit stores that offer discounts and promotions. Get the best bank for your buck, don’t try your luck. Explore online shopping and always strive to find the best deals around. With coupons, you can score many products for less, and end-of-summer sales are all around you. So, is it just me, or has the summer just gotten a little sunnier?

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