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Many a time there is a need for, paraphrasing of content. This is a very tricky process and also very time consuming. It involves writing the existing content in whole new words but keeping the meaning and information same. It may sound very easy but in reality there are a lot of problems that are associated with paraphrasing. Many a time the original content gets in the way and this final content can often be considered as a copied one. The time needed for paraphrasing is long. Also, it is a Read more [...]
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If you are pursuing a career in writing, it is obvious that you wish to make your writing unique, fresh and original. Due to increasing material over the internet, it is quite challenging for any writer to generate a fresh content, however; the sole purpose of any writer is to create a document that do not have any similarity with other content. If you are in the writing field, you can easily understand how embarrassing it is in reality when you find that some part or phrase of your writing is Read more [...]