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Studying abroad undoubtedly will be a matchless experience in your life. You will be away from your family, your friends your familiar culture and so on. However, being on your own will add so much things to you that you will benefit from during your lifetime. You will get to know a new culture, new food, new friends, a new lifestyle, a broadened vision and a new language maybe. I don’t even need to mention the education part.

This being the case, I think we agree upon studying abroad will be a great opportunity for anyone. If you are dedicated enough, you can start to make your research to pick the best country, best city or the best college for you.

You can consult the study abroad agents, attend education abroad fairs or just use the power of internet. Also I wanted to make a little contribution to your research and picked the top 5 countries to study abroad.

1. Australia

The perfect nature and the high life standards of this country makes Australia the top of my list. Whichever city you pick, you will not regret. Melbourne is a vibrant city that will offer you unforgettable times, Sydney has numerous business and career opportunities and Perth is already known as an education city. No matter where you are from, (if you are from an English speaking country it will be 2 times advantageous for you) Australia will be a perfect choice.

2. Spain

In this culture, you will fall in love with the life for sure. Studying or working will not be boring or tiring. If you like to have really close friends and live a vibrant social life, your choice should be Spain. Are you interested in studying law, architecture and social sciences? Let me tell you that Spain has the best universities in Europe then.

3. United Kingdom

Another advantageous country for English speakers is of course United Kingdom. UK undoubtedly has some of the best universities in the world however it’s more expensive compared to the other European countries. You can prefer Manchester, where has the largest student population among all the European cities, if your budget is limited. You will also have incredible research opportunities especially in management, law, economics, computer sciences and psychology.

4. Italy

Italy is a country that will shower you with art, culture and history and the incredible cuisine is of course a plus.  There will be many festivals, parades and art shows during the year but you need to have a bit large budget if you like to be a student in Italy. The most popular fields are history of art, architecture and fashion design as you guess.

5. France

If your destination will be France for studying, you should know that you will need to have the competence in French language. France can also be expensive yet you will be really fully qualified in your field if you are graduated from one of the reputable universities of France. If your field of interest is law or politics, France will really be the perfect choice.

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