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When it comes to children education, it is important to think from a different aspect that can enable them to learn new things in an effective manner. Chess is considered as one of the most helpful games that can develop analyzing and thinking skills of the children to an amazing extent.

Moreover, it helps to boost up self-confidence and concentration of people. In order to make the experience much interesting and attract children towards the chess, leading U.S. educators and engineers from reputed educational institutions of Caltech, Vanderbilt, Columbia, MIT, Stanford and the University of Arizona launched a new chess namely Yamie Chess in New York Toy Fair 2014.

What is Yamie Chess?

Based on the design of classical chess, Yamie Chess is the latest learning aid for science, mathematics, engineering and technology education. It is a K-8 math learning aid that is designed, in an exclusive manner, to make the learning entertaining, fun and effective at the same time.

The word “Yamie” stand for Young, Algebra, Measurement, IQ, and Easing Geometry. Yamie comprises of exclusive and wonderful coloring comic book and exclusively customized chess set. The little ones can like playing such games based on cartoons that unknowingly develop visuo-spatial reasoning with the help of color pencils that are included within the set.

Improve reasoning and logical ability

It is recorded that Yamie chess is a very strong tool that offers incredible favorable outcomes to the children especially to the age group of elementary and middle school kids. Yamie chess builds up an incredible sense of reasoning among the children as they can learn how the pieces move with arithmetic calculation, and associate through the allied math problems.

This helps them to thought on various steps of future that is one of the fundamental requirements of math also. Playing Yamie chess helps to develop the logical reasoning and at the same time increase their interest towards classical chess and math.

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