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Engineering is one of the most growing and wide fields and many of you might dream of a career in that field. Engineers get good reputation and status along with attractive salary. Modern world is technologically growing and the need for talented hands is increasing. Hence, students enrolling themselves for engineering courses are expected to serve the need and purpose. Mechanical engineering and civil engineering are two broad areas where engineers can rock.

Mechanical engineering

This is the broadest field of engineering involving the design and development of tools and equipments to be used for industries. Machines are the major elements of all industry and so, mechanical engineers have high demand in the field.

Mechanical engineering deals with right function and mechanism of machines, their design, construction, installation and maintenance. This course plays a vital role in molding the future with the technological developments and so, students need to have vibrant skills, design and analytical thinking and essentially the skill to work as a team.

Civil Engineering

This is a career option involving design and supervision of facilities that modern life demands. These facilities include bridges, tunnels, buildings, dams, highways, harbors, airports, wastewater treatment plants and more. Civil engineer has to present in all the construction projects taken over by the government as well as the public department. They are also needed in real estate projects and to teach students. Civil engineering career is an attractive option that includes hard work and consistent listening to new techniques, projects and needs of the country.

MIT Skills

There are many colleges offering engineering courses in different fields to choose from. Choosing the best college is as important as you choose the right engineering course. MIT Group of Institutions Pune (MIT Skills) helps you build a strong and successful career in engineering.

Since 1983, the group has been offering quality education in different fields such as medicine, engineering, art and design, and many more. MIT ventures into different areas of education and envisages the industry needs throughout the world. If you want to get more details about the MIT group, then log on to their website.

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