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Many students believe that career services only help in selecting a major and ignore them hence losing a valuable resource.

Career services provide assistance in the selection of major, career development, writing resumes, finding internships, and many other things.

They are an essential part of all business schools. Let us look at some of the major roles of career services.

Career services most popularly help confused students decide what career path they want to take, with the help of aptitude tests and interest batteries.

By providing shadowing opportunities like observational trips they also help students realize if they really enjoy a particular work.

They also help students learn better study skills and make study plans for optimal learning and skill acquirement. Much of this is done through learning assessments of the students.

School and college-based career fairs where numerous companies from various industries are invited, giving students the perfect opportunity to find jobs.

Many times spot interviews are conducted at such places, so it is advisable for students to go well prepared and formally dressed.

The years of training experience they have helps career service providers to train students in promoting themselves in the best possible manner.

To train students they also conduct interview skills workshops, where professionals conduct mock interview sessions and give tips to students on honing their interview performances.

Career services also provide workshops and seminars on varied topics ranging from resume writing and cover letter writing to body language to writing biographies and executive summaries.

Spending time and effort on such activities is always worthwhile.

The career guidance, advice, and information provided will definitely help towards setting and achieving career goals.

As a student, you should take advance of the career service departments in their schools.

These services are free and valuable, so use them as a guide to your career planning.

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