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In the realm of GMAT prep courses, there is a seemingly endless amount of options available to prospective students. Class sizes vary, as does the length of each course and the breadth and quantity of topics that are covered. What unites them all is the promise to help students reach their maximum potential on test day. The question is: How can you best negotiate this parade of options and choose the course that will help you achieve the score you need?

The first thing to consider is what type of learner you are. Do you respond well to a large, lecture-style classroom or do you prefer a more intimate, interactive classroom where student participation is actively encouraged?Do you like to study alone, without instruction, either using a textbook or a computer? Do you benefit from instructors that help design individualized study plans and schedules? There is seldom a perfect answer for every student, but understanding what each course offers in each of the above respects is crucial to making the right decision.

For students who thrive in an interactive classroom environment, a course with small class sizes and a considerable amount of in-class time is ideal. The most comprehensive GMAT prep course out there is undoubtedly Quantum Test Prep’s Ultimate GMAT course. With 100 hours of class time offered, this course spares no testable topic and drills home all of the Quant and Verbal concepts. Every student benefits from an exhaustive (but not exhausting) program that caters to those who haven’t tackled topics like algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and statistics in a while, or those who are just in need of a thorough review.

Additionally, the limited class sizes set the stage for a more rewarding and engaging learning experience.

Another key advantage of the 100-hour Ultimate GMAT Prep Course is the ability to develop a relationship with instructors. Unlike less comprehensive courses, Quantum’s courses are taught by full-time instructors who have a passion for helping students reach their objectives. The duration allows instructors to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student in a way that is impossible in 18–24-hour courses. This intimate knowledge of students means that instructors can help develop more personalized study plans and test-writing strategies.

While the Ultimate GMAT Prep Course is ideal for those who would like to cover all bases and ensure maximum preparation, there are many options available for students who prefer in-class learning but cannot manage the time requirements. If you seek a less intensive in-class course, there are many options available that cover all testable topics without the intensity of a 100-hour course. Once again, by simply heading to www.quantumtestprep.com you’ll be in touch with an industry leader in terms of flexibility of course duration, offering 30- and 60-hour courses to align with students’ needs and schedules.

Generally speaking, only a small percentage of students are able to handle the wealth of subject matter required to succeed on the GMAT without outside assistance. Online resources are readily available for those who seek it, but exceptional in-class instruction is rare. For most prospective MBAs, the GMAT exam will require learning and re-learning many difficult math and verbal topics. The best advice is to find a GMAT prep course that provides a comprehensive breakdown of all testable material and offers a professional and positive classroom environment.

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