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If you have an interest in both business and fashion then maybe a retail marketing job is for you.

Retail marketing refers to the range of activities undertaken by a retailer in order to promote awareness and increase sales of the company’s products. It is different from other types of marketing because of the unique components of the retail trade; aspects such as selling small amounts of finished goods to the consumer/end user, typically from a fixed location.

Retail marketing makes use of the common principles of what is referred to as the ‘marketing mix’, ie) product, price, place and promotion. Retail marketing is especially important for small retailers who are trying to compete against large chain stores.

Recently, technological, cultural and economic changes have shifted the balance of power away from manufactures to retailers. For example, retailers now have the ability to track customer shopping data, an important source of consumer research that manufacturers don’t have direct access too. Many retail stores now also have launched in-store brands, making them viable competitors with major manufacturers. Basically, as retailers have increased their power and capability, being able to work with retailers has become increasingly important for any manufacturer whose business model depends on being visible to the typical consumer.

If you are prepared for a busy retail role which will involve marketing elements then it could well be worth looking into retail marketing jobs in your area. Retail marketing is also a new field for those who have previously worked in marketing but are looking for something slightly different, especially as most high level retail marketing jobs require a marketing degree.

If you are looking for a switch over to a retail marketing job then Talisman Fashion has had more than 25 years of experience in assisting people with their career development. All our Consultants have considerable industry expertise to offer along with their recruitment experience and can provide insight to vacancies and company culture along with career and salary guidance. Whether you are looking for a local position in the UK or overseas we will ensure that you obtain the information that is important to you, on the company and its culture as well as the vacancy and location.

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